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World class bodybuilder, IFBB Pro Mr Intternational

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Do you want to reduce your weight, at the same time build muscles and live healthier? I recommend you our program with bodyweight training and intermittent fasting 16-8 (8 hours eating window) in combination, we create a permanent weightloss. Kickstart Online is a 12-week program with a complete diet program with all recipes for all meals. In combination with the diet, you train with the effective bodyweight bands or other training of your choice at home, or in the gym.

You get three different monthly programs in app format for iPhone and Android, as well as formats you can print. In addition, you get an increasing program in Power Walking for three months. Every week you also get "Challenge of the Week". After the 12-week program, you will receive 3 communications a week (diet, exercise and motivation) for another 3 months, so in total the program lasts 6 months.

I have been a part of the creation of the program and work very close with the company Bodyweight that own Kickstart and can proudly say it is one of the best programs on the market.

Content of the program Kickstart Online:


  • 12-week Bodyweight training program, 3 different programs

  • 12-week diet program with recipes for all meals

  • 12 week program for intermitted fasting 16-8

  • 12 week program for Power Walking

  • 12 weeks with one "Challenge" per week

  • 6-month newsletter for training

  • 6-month newsletter for diet and fasting

  • 6-month newsletter for motivation

  • Free training app for iPhone & Android – 100+ exercises

  • Results update every week in the member portal

  • Kickstart's free support is via e-mail 24 hour response

  • Member portal for you as a participant in Kickstart Online

  • Facebook group Kickstart Online for those who run the program

  • Facebook group Kickstart Connect for those who have joined the program

  • Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop (30%) and on training trips.

We already have several thousand who have gone through Kickstarta's program with extremely good results. We dare say that our program is one of the most effective on the market for permanent weight loss. Read more about the method at www.kickstarta.online.


€179 for 12 weeks (+ 14 extra weeks)
(€4,50 per week)


Quality products  to take your home training to another level!


Home training vs gym!

The story about Andreas Cahling

Andreas started with weight training as a youth wrestler at the age of 11 in Sweden. Later turned to Judo and studied in Japan for a year as a teenager to perfect his skills.

He represented Momoyama university in the Japanese wrestling league and earned his black belt in Judo while training with the riot police in Osaka.

Andreas won the Swedish Junior National Judo & Free Style Wrestling Championships and the National TV cup in Greco Roman wrestling.

Moved to Southern California in 1976 to pursue a career in bodybuilding, training at the world famous Gold's Gym.

He had high placings in the AAU Mr. California, AAU Mr. America, IFBB Mr. Europe & IFBB Mr. Universe competitions, and 2nd place at the 1977 IFBB Mr. World contest.

He went on to win the IFBB Pro Mr. International title in 1980.

A frequent cover model of bodybuilding magazines worldwide. Andreas was the most photographed bodybuilder in the world during a period in the 1980,s.

His first bodybuilding competition, was at age 17, in the 1969 Mr. Sweden and his most recent contest was the NABBA USA in 2016, where he won the over 60 category.

Before leaving for California, Andreas served in the elite military unit FJS “Fallskärmsjägarskolan” (Swedish Airborne Special Forces), as part of the military draft.

Pursuing acting, Andreas has starred in the movie Kung Fury as the almighty THOR. It became the most streamed short film of all time as per IMDB. He also appeared in another cult classic, Too Big for the World, starring Irene Andersen.

Andreas takes a holistic approach to training and diet. Training in a way to minimize risk of injuries and eating mostly a variety of organic foods. He is a big believer in quality food supplements, without unnecessary chemical additives.


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