12 WEEKS KICKSTART ONLINE - Lose weight with others.

Kickstart Online is a program aimed at integrating both diet and exercise - two important parts to achieve both lasting weight loss and lasting new habits. We have our own support group during and after your weight loss. Our method is to combine training with your own body weight and Intermittent Fasting 16:8, eating in a 8 hour window for best results. The difference between this program and other program is that Kickstart work toward permanent weight loss!

We want to increase the motivation for several positive lifestyle changes. In addition, there is a customized training program for the entire period with the Bodyweight Training System. Bodyweight's straps are easy to handle, can be used everywhere and therefore facilitate the opportunity to get training into the everyday puzzle. In addition, the associated app with video recordings around each exercise makes it easy to perform the exercises.

The training session is also no longer than about 20 minutes - something everyone can do !. The training is performed with our tools or with only your own body as a tool. So do not hesitate to register your interest here right now! We have already helped thousands of people in the KICKSTART project to lose weight since the start 2 years ago!


What is included in the program.


  • Bodyweight training program
  • 12 weeks complete diet program wit all the recepies
  • 12 week programs for Intermittent Fasting 16-8, (8 hours eating window)
  • 12 week bodyweight training program 
  • 12 week with one challange a week
  • 12 week program for Power Walk
  • Leaflet about intermitted fasting
  • Results update every week
  • Free support via email
  • Free training app for iPhone and Android
  • Discounts on selected products
  • Member portal
  • Facebook support group
  • 26 weeks with newsletter for training
  • 26 weeks with newsletter for diet and fasting
  • 26 weeks with newsletter for motivation

The program is co-designed and recommended by Andreas Cahling.